Corporate social responsibility (CSR)

CSI adheres to the CSR principles and values.

  • We are respectful of laws (compliance) and, beyond, of fundamental ethical principles: integrity, non-corruption, non-discrimination and dignity of the human person,...

  • Employees: safety at work, dealt with as the very first priority and a prerequisite, and employee satisfaction are two of the pillars of the CSI management values. The complete staff is involved in the continuous improvement approach, which includes suggestions for improvement on processes (customer satisfaction, competitiveness and results, improvement of working conditions) by any single employee.

  • Environmental responsibility : CSI's already exemplary practice is best featured by a very high proportion of recycled plastic material in production - e.g. 80% in 2017, no comparison with the still much lower global average for plastics. CSI's Iso 14001 certification since 2017 demonstrates further the strong commitment of the company to continuous environmental improvement.

  • Suppliers: CSI shall not select suppliers or a chain of supply which would factually not abide by the laws and fundamental social regulations and/or would neglect the principles of respect for the human person.

  • Local community ties : CSI sponsors the local Hand Ball team (300 licence-holders).

  • Competitive industrial employment, thereby perennial for local labor pool: CSI's management views this as the "mother of battles" for social balance.

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