CSI & the environment: beyond awareness, an exemplary practice - already

CSI is committed to environmental responsibility and sustainable development.

Already :

  • CSI uses  recycled plastic material for 80% of its production. Our manufacturing process waste is subject to a 100% sorting, and is entrusted to specialists for their subsequent recycling in the transformation chain.

  • Source reduction : our design expertise allows us to optimise the amount of material involved and the technical process waste.

  • We prioritise plastic materials with low environmental impact, we test regularly improved biodegradable and compostable materials.

  • We encourage our suppliers to develop new technologies of bioplastics and offer more environmentally friendly solutions.

  • We are reducing the volume of our own packaging avoiding superfluous layers. All our shipping cardboards are from the recycling, and we use film stretched to 250%.

CSI is ISO 14001 CERTIFIED since november 2017.

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