Thermoformed Christmas Special Edition
Snowstorm simulation effect thanks to thermoformed conception and air system with manual pushing system.



Handling & transport vac tray for the electronics industry



Quality Vac formed tray for protection and distribution of your products

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Your custom thermoformed packaging:
25 years of vac forming expertise

CSI: specialist and leader of 100% custom thermoformed packaging and trays

Our expertise, continuously enriched since the creation of CSI in 1991: thermoformed packaging, custom-designed exclusively.

Our core business:

  • Packaging of Prestige & Luxury products: cosmetics, perfumes, wines & spirits, etc.
  • Vac trays that optimise demanding industrial processes: automotive, electronics, plastic injection, etc.
  • Blisters, point of sales displays & other creative achievements : retail & distribution, POS, etc.
  • Co-packing : put in blisters, displays assembly, printing options,etc.

Based in the Nantes metropolis, ideally connected to rapid transportation means, CSI is a French independent company, agile and structured, which serves demanding and prestigious international B to B customers.

CSI is the reference in:

  • support for your project: comprehensive, creative and rigorous, with a "can-do" mentality and a global optimisation (co-design, eco-design, full cost / TCO)
  • quality, short international delivery leadtimes and reliable service (measured service rate > 98%)
  • skills, state-of-the-art production & design capabilities, and employee involvement.

Our engines are the satisfaction of our customers - as evidenced by our growth (+80% since 2010)-, innovation and continuous improvement.
We really are at the service of your value creation!

CSI, Iso 9001 AND 14001 certified, adheres to the principles of eco-responsibility, with an exemplary practice already (more than 80% of the production is made of recycled plastic material), and Corporate Social Responsibility.