A full support for a global optimisation

CSI makes the difference in its ability to support and optimise your project from the initial idea to shipment:

  • Dedicated, listening, knowledgeable and proactive commercial contact / advisor
  • Creativity from the original concept. CSI has signed real innovations with its customers
  • Design optimisation : co-design, technical options, choice of best suited materials, quality, eco-design and optimisation in full cost
  • Customer validation at each step, systematic on sample fully representative of our industrial production
  • optimised logistics solutions.
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A rigorous process, a short timescale for quick and secured implementation of your new packaging

If your project deadline comes very first, assuming quickly available material options:

Start of project: your expectations, description and integration

Start of study then quotation

from 3 days after: technical development with our Design Office

3D CAD modeling - technical plans by our internal technical design office. Customer validation.

from 5 days after: your prototype

Available approx. 24 hours after the plans validation. Made on our new rapid prototyping machine, directly connected to the design office software. Prototype and study offered in your tooling cost.

from 15 days after: material, mould, tooling available for serial production representative sample

Chosen plastic material, aluminium mould, tools available. Sample(s) fully representative of serial production drawn. Customer validation.

from 21 days after start of project: Your order shipped

SOP, shipment and delivery of your custom-designed thermoformed orders


Of course, we guarantee the confidentiality of your projects throughout your new studies.